Looking for a new home

We are 2 daily active players looking for a new alliance. We both have 250k rating & are both uncollected so we are looking for a good alliance.
We want the alliance to meet these expectations

Be organized and communicate well

Have daily active players that push themselves, don’t want to be in an alliance that requires babysitting or constantly calling someone out to take care of their paths or things like that.

100% exploration of AQ maps for all BGs

Doing AQ map 3 at least a couple times
throughout the week

Hit SA weekly

Do alliance events like duel skirmish & completion, etc.

Leave your alliance tag on this post and I will check it out. I’m not adding anyone on Line until I have seen your alliance! Don’t need a bunch of random adds lax already have a ton.


  • _Mac_203_Mac_203 Posts: 40
    Forgot... must have room for both of us!
  • BrimleyBrimley Posts: 37
  • BrimleyBrimley Posts: 37
    Check us out. If interested my line ID is luker341. We have a lot of veterans who have second account in this alliance. Sister alliance is Apex. Looking for strong active players.
  • KaachuKaachu Posts: 3
    Rebuilding alliance after inactivity, check ups out have plenty of room

  • KaachuKaachu Posts: 3
  • AngverineAngverine Posts: 72
    hi, have dropped u a message. thanks.
  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 112
    7873. We are right up you guys alley. If you have Line add me there, and also if you haven’t choose yet, let’s chat. Aclark151
  • Aclark151Aclark151 Posts: 112
    Actually check my post on here. Read description, it’s exactly what your demands are.
  • LouridoLourido Posts: 95
    edited June 2018
    Hey _Mac_203

    My alliance is currently looking for 3-4 active players to join us to fill in some spots of retiring players. We're currently doing AQMap3x5 and AWx3(Gold3 last season). We classify ourselves as casual, or a "retirement" alliance, not because our members are not active, but because many of our players came from Map5 and wanted something less demanding (Life>Game).

    Anyways, activity is pretty important to us. We have a low tolerance for people not moving in the AQ and AW, because that hurts everyone else's experience. We do not have donations and we do not require event participation, but we hit SA weekly pretty easily.

    The biggest caveat, is we do not use Line and instead we use Discord. if we sound interesting, please reach out to me on Discord (Lourido#6472), or in-game (Lourido!). Good luck in your search!
  • ChrisOczChrisOcz Posts: 63
    Hi mate! We can make room for two. Our alliance does map 5*5 expert tier and are currently Tier 6 in AW. We made Gold 1 last season and we aim to get higher up the ranks hopefully reach plat 3. Look me up ingame or line: ChrisOcz
  • LrrrrLrrrr Posts: 234 ★★
    The road warriors (trwku). Ign seminaryman.
    My line ID is "kronosdouble" and my In game ID is "KRONOSDOUBLE". add me on line so we can talk if you haven't found an alliance yet
  • _Mac_203_Mac_203 Posts: 40
    We found a group! Thanks for your replies and good luck with your recruiting everyone
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