Why do you close cases when they ain't even finish

Man kabam you do everything so wrong.
Trying to change my name due to being attacked in the community and kabam just keeps closing the case. Saying that they feel my pain but they cant do it! But yet in the next breath they tell me they want to protect me


  • Cowboyschamploo1Cowboyschamploo1 Posts: 414 ★★★
    They don't gaf and neither do i
  • Kapsdan1Kapsdan1 Posts: 51
    Then why comment if you dont gaf
  • Cowboyschamploo1Cowboyschamploo1 Posts: 414 ★★★
    Because idgaf
  • HershyHershy Posts: 149
    It’s when they think it’s resolved they close it. Don’t even wait for you to acknowledge if you think it’s been resolved. Can’t then respond to it either. Quite unique, really.
  • Hey there! The ability to change your in-game name is limited to once per 90 days. There is more information located in the article linked here.

    The Moderation Team does not have access to in-game accounts, therefore this issue does need to be handled directly with our Support Team. I apologize, however, we do not have additional details regarding why they were unable to assist and closed your ticket. As such, we aren't able to address these type of one-off account specific issues publicly in the forums. Should you need further help, please reach out via private message.
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