Alliance War Overhaul

why don't we make seasons for aw just like we do aq.. aw is the same thing over and over spending units to take out a 75k magik with 5/5 md with 500-600 red shards and 400 gold shards (depending on aw tier). We recently went into season 4 aq and its been really nice.. different map.. different mini bosses.. different main boss... better rewards in general for everyone
with the changes coming to 5 star crystals with all the many champs being added making it difficult to dupe anything good at 10k a piece.. why shouldn't there be seasons on aw just like aq? make the nodes different, increase the rewards, change rewards in the crystals.. I don't have any suggestions on what prizes or rewards should be but aq got a bump up with season 4.. it would be nice for aw to get a bump up in rewards also and different nodes to change things up a bit


  • HoidCosmereHoidCosmere Posts: 550 ★★
    I have always felt that the nodes should all be randomized with every new war start. All the same stuff there but instead of it being on node 23, next war the same stuff in on 19, or something.

    Even better is have a listing of all the buffs and boosts and the alliance leader can choose which nodes to put each on. Want to put Hawkeye on 49, put him there and tag it with the 40% bleed. Give the option to reverse the link nodes, so instead links running from the inside out, you can flip it to the outside in. Customizing more than just where the champs go would add a fun bit of strategy.
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