Which skill champion should I rank up?

stakstak Posts: 88
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I'm leaning towards Gwenpool but maybe I should rank up a 5* first? This will be my third 5/50 (along with Star Lord and Scarlet Witch) or first 3/45.

Which skill champion should I rank up? 43 votes

4* Gwenpool (unduped)
Golden_GuardianSpity68YellsomeDrownedGodDynax_The_Great1FineDogKingCrooksDesadeJim0172igotgame1075KpthagreatD_Ace_71vinniegainzOnmixNuman2_0tufan_1974Vis123456789YoungspookyCosmicAymarKade7175 29 votes
5* Elektra (unduped)
winterthurSIlverProfessorSpeedbumpNinjaiXHazmat911zerogodsleira619TempestHatimTaiPulkit1991 10 votes
5* Black Panther CW (unduped)
Heartlessluffysenpai99ClaydeeezyWelderofortune 4 votes


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