R5 5* DV or GR?

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Hi guys
I would like to R5 either DV or GR not sure which to take up as I love both ( I have Blade as R5 already and use both DV and GR cleared 1 path already in LOL using both these champs for it) both duped.. any thoughts..? Cheers.

R5 5* DV or GR? 60 votes

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    Ghost Rider
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    I would like to hear this too. As I have GR 5 star r4 and voodoo 5 star r3. Not my immediate concern but I may have in future.
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    Are either duped?
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    Holy trinity is still the most formidable team for AW attack, if you're teaming GR up with Blade then he'd be my choice. R5 on a 5* is rare though, might be worth saving for a Sparky
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    Oh great, it is now a tie :D

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    context and intended content make the decision more informed.
    I had this same choice a while back, I'll explain what lead me to pick Ghosty ...

    Short Fights, Dr. Voodoo is great, you heal up as the fight goes on, power-control reliably, and envenom the vulnerable.

    Longer fights, Ghost Rider can stack-up all the Judgements, and get a long regeneration timer ... then you can top-off a bunch of health (to 100% if time permits)... and then just reset by a Special 3 and start over.

    His awakened ability amplifies his damage output, especially if you stack it as the 4th or 5th Judgement for a longer timer in those cases where you don't need health and just want to melt the opponent's health down a bit quicker.

    I felt the animations of Dr. Voodoo were slightly more fluid on medium attacks... but the downside is his animations take a few extra tics ... that can work for you or against you depending on what node / global buffs are present. On bane, if you time it correctly... a long animation is devastating to the helpless enemy, though the same penalty applies for poor timing.

    After a while, I began replacing my Dr. Voodoo with a different class from my top-5 questing team on most content... and the more I used Ghost Rider, the more I consolidated my decision that I prefer him over Voodoo.

    Ghost benefits from bleed immunity too, which can be quite helpful on certain nodes.
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    @SevSyn Thank you for the insight! Completing more LOL paths is my goal, I do take both DV and GR to LOL so it’s longevity fights that im more keen to rank up the right champs for. @GSTAR21 I was hoping to get the allusive sparky but alas doesn’t seem to be any where in sight..
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    Would ranking either Doctor Voodoo or Ghost Rider change which 5 Champions you bring?... or is it simply a question of which is a more useful use of upgrade resources between the two?

    I'm in the same progression give or take ... Elder's Bane complete... working on Labyrinth... preparing for Act 6 release (when/if it comes out).

    Depending on your top 12 champions, see if there is an overlap in utility versus some of the more complicated nodes and/or against some of the new meta-game content (as introduced in newer character mechanics like Iron Man Infinity War, Domino, Ghost, etc.)

    If there is overlap between Ghost Rider and another champ that brings immunity... or another regeneration champion... then Ghosty may not be the best return on investment for your roster. Assess Doctor Voodoo as well... do you have a decent power-control alternative option?... is there content that only Doctor Voodoo is optimized to conquer based on your roster (like a difficult Groot/Angela/etc. node where you could turn multiple buffs into damage)?

    I'd recommend looking at the new meta, new characters, and project what game mechanics exist to give you the most diversified skill-set among your playable champions.
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