Regarding 5-Star Marvelous Crystal included in Spectacular Summoner's Bundle


Thank you all for your patience as we met to discuss our plan of action in regards to the issue with the Marvelous crystal included in the Spectacular Summoner's Bundle. At this time, we've come up with a solution that we think you all will like.

All Summoners that purchased all 3 tiers of the Spectacular Summoner's Bundle and received the incorrect Crystal will be granted the correct crystal, in addition to the Crystal that they have already received.

Now, many other Summoners did not receive the wrong Crystal, but to even this out, any Summoner that has purchased (or purchases) all 3 tiers of the Spectacular Summoner's Bundle and received the correct crystal will be granted the other Crystal as well.

This means that if you purchase the Crystal before the bundle expires, you will receive both Crystals.

As for a timeline, we have to wait until the offer expires before we can pull the list of users that purchased it, and then separate those into which Summoners received which Crystal. Combine this with the other compensation that we are working on, and we expect to have your second crystals out some time next week.

Thank you all for sticking with us today while we worked this all out.


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