6100 prestige looking for Gold 1 or better, AQ 5x5

Looking for an ally in Gold 1 or Plat 3, Tier 4 AW
AQ 5x5 scoring above 130 million every week
In game name is BULLDOZZER


  • We do map 5x5 scoring about 120 million points. We’ve had some changes lately so we could be pushing 130 millio points soon. AW gold 1, tiers 4 to 7. Donations 130k gold, 30k BC, 12.5k loyalty. We use Facebook messenger for communication. I use LINE for recruiting if you want to chat there AnakinSciluk.

  • SchmitrnSchmitrn Posts: 107
    edited July 2018
    Message me on line id: schmitrn for a chat if your still looking
  • NanaPokuNanaPoku Posts: 50
    Thanks guys, will hit you up soon
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