Where will I face Starburst nodes in the game?

Hello, guys.

I want to know if anyone can help me: where will I face starburst nodes in the game?

I happens that I got a 5* GHulk and I'm trying to decide if I can invest resources on him.


  • IJsmutsIJsmuts Posts: 107
    Rttl 4.4 second fight against punisher
  • Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    It’s also things like bane, limbo, Dorm degen, Critical failure on domino, life transfer degeneration, flare, Iceman frostbite (not coldsnap)…

    A lot of this happens in Act5 as a whole and more of it happens in AW and then event quests when they wanna punish the FTP crowd
  • AngelicsignAngelicsign Posts: 391 ★★
    IJsmuts wrote: »
    Rttl 4.4 second fight against punisher

    Hardest starbust fight ever.
  • Epsilon3Epsilon3 Posts: 1,138 ★★★
    Might also extend to Electro’s shock but I have not tested this
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