New arena. Same question. Hulk ragnarok cutoff

What do you think? How Much?
Which ranking? Low mid or high?


  • Rfmn10Rfmn10 Posts: 45
    edited July 2018
    3kk / 3.5kk
  • GorofaizGorofaiz Posts: 56
    Agree. 3 to 3.5m.
  • Chris_L_HChris_L_H Posts: 162
    I hope you guys are right, but going up against Antman has me worried that Hulk may go higher than he should.
  • SonnybrooksSonnybrooks Posts: 24
    3.5 seems like a bit much. That’s saying he’s gonna go higher than Medusa, void, and a bunch of way better champs, new and old.
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