Pym canisters in next 4* antman arena

Can someone confirm if there will be Pym canisters in next 4* Antman arena? Tried searching but couldnt find any info. Any info would be appreciated.


  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 201
    Well, I guess they will be like in previous arena. Because Pym events end wednesday and then we have 1 week to use remaing Pym in crystals.
    We’ll get the answer very soon :-)
  • Lester2332Lester2332 Posts: 32
    Actually i am in a dilemma.... if i complete heroic i will reach 400k pym canisters.. thats 100k short of master rift... to complete heroic i will need 15 energy refills costing me 450 units... i cant do the daily quests as that wud be more units so my only way to get the 100k is thru arena or else i can just save the 450 units
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