Other Champions appearing in pre-fight screen [Under Investigation] [Merged Threads]



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    I had 2 instances of an extra image of the defender permanently staying still at "center court" during the actual fight (it's position stayed the same relative to background scene, so it would scroll left/right with the scene as the fighters moved back-n-forth). Rebooted and it no longer happened in subsequent fights.
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    It would appear Sentry is observing Thor Rags 'servicing' Korg. I'd wager that's why you need to be 13 to play this game.
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  • Ok I am not sure if kabam announced it yet or if someone already started this dusscusoin so please do not report me for spam. Since I got the new update with red skull,heimdall, and more I have been having glitches. Like new quests I play it could be my punisher 2099 against black panther (civil war) and storm will be on the other side of that wall thing that shows the health of the champoins and storm will be facing the other way. I am unaware if it is in story mode quests. Also today when I logged on you know where it shows the new updates on the slideshow will black panther (civil war) was behind that where all his info was on the other side. If anyone knows anything about it please give feedback and kabam if you come across this please give me feedback. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and thanks for reading
  • This is actually pretty funny. The best glitch I've seen to date.
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    easy fight without the sword
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    :D :D

    A fellow russian man altho i cant read russian lol
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    Who is this champ? What is going on in 19.1???ghqle8m3qgsu.jpeg

    That must be the 'red rock sentry(ragnarok)'
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  • Another one. This time its in thec0vue6wy5nur.png
    New cabal quest.

    Whats up with this?
  • Hey there, could those of you are seeing this let us know what device you are using, what version of your OS you are running, and where this fight occurred?

    I am using a galaxy Luna J3 pro
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  • bizarre

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  • NoTaxTeaNoTaxTea Posts: 83
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    Can't stop laughing. I just thought of Medusa and Kingpin. Medingpin.
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    This just happened. Not sure how I would caption this.
  • This just happened. Not sure how I would caption this.

    Beware hulk the accuser lol
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    If you look, there are 3 Champs in there. Lol.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 16,529
    Inhuman Centipede? XD
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    If you look, there are 3 Champs in there. Lol.

    5 Actually, Ronan, Hulk, AA, Thor and I see a pink boot, so Gwen Pool as well. Possibly even 6 idk whos hand that is in hulks belly
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    Inhuman Centipede? XD

    I'm not going to lie. This is a movie that I would love to see.
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