[War Matchup] Dear Kabam, this time i'd like an explanation.

On how is this even possible. At start i read 1200 war rating and was "oh, old players inactive". then i read again.

We are relaxing for summer hence playing in tier 5-7. By what effed up system we get sorted with 12m rated ally on top of 2700 war rating?

Cause you know we actually took time to prepare defense and nodes properly, just to end up being stomped on.
thanks. no thanks.



  • FuzzylumpsFuzzylumps Posts: 115
    edited July 2017
    #GetREKT. Good luck - seems like you are going to need it
  • KromestoneKromestone Posts: 81
    Good luck man... You have just been kabamed!!!!!!
  • ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,461 ★★★★
    Oh, that's one of the worst I have seen. Good luck.
    Wow thats not even close to a good match up. Wat rating is completely unblances thats the worst ive ever seen
  • Ja55Ja55 Posts: 155
    The point of this topic is to cry because you ended up with an unfavorable matchup. You are matched by tier then war rating. They were in your tier and you were unlucky and matched them. It is common knowledge that running 1 or 2 bgs instead of 3 results in more unfavorable matchups at times.

    I'm a sad troll because of "drop tier". You stated you were "taking it easy" which is not trying your best. As a result of "taking it easy" you are dropping tiers. Not a difficult concept to grasp.

    "Because we are good players. Tier 6 is a perfectly fine tier to stay in, and everything past tier 4 shouldnt even be our turf." Good players don't belong in tier 6.
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