Should I go for 5 star featured or stick to basic ?

Hey everyone,

Since I happen to have gathered 15k 5 star shards, I was just wondering what use I should make of them. Should I go for the featured as most people seem to reckon it’s arguably the best featured ever in the history of the game (in terms of % of god tier champs) or should I stick to basics (as it will save up more shards) ?

For the record, I recently reached level 46 and 89k total power rating (no alliance). I already have five 5 stars champs : Archangel, Thor (Rag), Black Panther (Classic), Spider-Gwen and Loki. Never acquired a featured before.

Thanks for the help and good day to you all !

Should I go for 5 star featured or stick to basic ? 49 votes

5 Star Featured
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5 Star Basic
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  • GlueNoClueGlueNoClue Posts: 76
    5 Star Basic
    Always basic.
  • Manumission18Manumission18 Posts: 32
    5 Star Featured
    Go featured as there is some good stuff in it this time
  • CELEZECELEZE Posts: 44
    5 Star Basic
    Go far basic, you need as much 5* champs you can get
  • a1recyclera1recycler Posts: 1
    edited August 2018
    5 Star Featured
    I did featured the last two.

    Alliance mate did the same
    Iron Patriot

    So as long as you're accepting of potential trash, it's worth the gamble.... Also assuming you already have a large 5* roster. If you don't, then go basic
  • IronMax753IronMax753 Posts: 27
    Thank you all for insightful answers ! Though I must admit I could not resist the temptation to open the featured. And I am most pleased to inform you I got a BP (Civil War) ^^

    What’s the word for that ? ‘Kabamed’, I guess...? Too bad. Well at least I did not get Colossus or Groot ! Lesson learned, won’t fall for it again any time soon !
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