REALLY, have all champs become Indestructible or Endure ???



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    Kabam’s been looking into things since May and not so much as a “sorry you were frustrated”.

    The “when we have some something we want to tell you, we will” line that gets repeated everywhere is so insulting. Why not just say it outright - “what players want doesn’t matter, you’ll take what we give you and like it”.

    Unfortunately, the revenue this game makes without any respect for customers makes this sort of attitude possible, and the community is too competitive to stand together in a boycott.

    Im sorry but I dont understand what exactly you want them to tell you because if there is nothing to say why would they say something?
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    What is with this constant 1% health remaning on champs.
    I start getting this "bug" more and more often, on all game zones (pvp, quests, aq)..
    If you put a bleed/poison/shock/incinerate/ whatever on him it "magicaly" ends when health reaches 1%, at wich moment it becomes more active and gives you a 5 combo or at least few punches.
    It works also with SP 1/ sp2/sp3. I had a Rhino, gave him sp2 with gwenpool (had around 30% health), guess what? It remained with 1% health after the sp2.
    Also works with simple hits. 4% health, 2 punches and it remained with 1%.
    Is starting to be really frustrating,
    PLS FIX IT !!!
    P.S. is not just my account, many memebers of my ally have same problem.

    I've been noticing the same thing when I'm playing. Kabam will never admit to it or fix it, but it is very funny when I have multiple bleeds on an opponent and they all just magically stop when opponent hhits 1%. Have noticed it a lot lately, and no doubt it is a bug or kabam tweeks because had this been happening before, many others would have noticed it and spoke up. Since this last glitch physically burned my phone up and killed it, I have reduced the number of apps I'm putting on my current new phone. So no more screen recordor to record this. Game isnt worth it to me anymore.
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    It's not being "unlucky" it's coded. It's happening in AQ and AW. The 1% stay alive thing has Been happening for awhile now.
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    This thread lol. Where can I buy some of whatever you people are smoking?
  • this also happens when it is mathematically impossible.. like when using visions sp2 and the enemy is below 30%hp and they have 2 powerbars worth stored up at the time your sp2 makes contact.. it is supposed to be instant k.o. but the oponent remains at 1%
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    and this has been happening starting imediately after kabam failed to reach 1 million likes on facebook.. to give an exact date to when this bug began

    Lol oh wow, epic new levels of paranoia. Tell me more, please!
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    There are many cheats that they have implemented in the game to make you spend money. Like instant ability to block sp1 and 2s right after parry in the higher level quest, AQ and AW. There are many videos out there showing this cheat. It's the only way Kabam can make money. They love people to spend the money. Yes I understand that's how they pay people to develop and manage the game, but people would spend more money if things made more sense too. You notice when ever they release new versions of the players find a loop hole that benefits them there is instant emergency maintenance. But if it benefits kabams pockets they will give the same BS were looking into it response for months on end. Losing some players hoping new ones will come too sucker too!
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    This is happening me way too often to be funny any more. My alliance are all complaining about it too... Kabam sort it out!

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    Yeah, in the tougher dungeons this has become so blatantly obvious.
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    and this has been happening starting imediately after kabam failed to reach 1 million likes on facebook.. to give an exact date to when this bug began

    Lol oh wow, epic new levels of paranoia. Tell me more, please!

    (I never said anything paranoid, i am simply bearing witness to a sirect observation that I made. The fact that you insinuate that there is paranoia in that testimony shows only that you yourself see some reason why the two may be more related than by simply their coincidence in time the two events occurred. you are abusive and people see the usefuleness of good feedback not your abusive redicule
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    1 more week of this thread with no videos ...
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    Haji_Saab wrote: »
    1 more week of this thread with no videos ...

    Some people just don't record everything, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It happens a lot to some people like me more often and I take screenshots of it.

    It just happened again today fighting a captain America ww2 with void and had stacks of debuffs on him then he ignored them fired off a special 3 with 1% health then died dealing a lot of damage to me in the process.

    It's getting really annoying at this point if they're dieing from debuffs they should not be able to fire off a special especially if they die right after doing so, it seems intentional at this point.

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    Just reread the original post. Nevermind, you were referring to debuffs
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