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Who would be a good pull from the Legendary and 5* cinematic crystal?



  • SpiderCoolsSpiderCools Posts: 613 ★★★
    The one champ that will be a good pull, excuse me, i mean best pull will be that god tier 5* iron patriot
  • IsThisLossIsThisLoss Posts: 236
    hope i dont get stark, alrady pulled him tiwce..
  • I'm so hoping for a Killmonger. I only have him as a 2* and is amazing, would love to run a map with him with real strength!
  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 855 ★★★
    Deaddsoul wrote: »
    I got domino from 5star feature crystal.. Is it good???

    She's broken according to the boards, sell her she's broken glitchy trash
  • klobberintymeklobberintyme Posts: 855 ★★★
    I’ve been sooo looking forward to opening the 5* Cinematic Crystal since the GPGTTM event started- so much so that I calculated the odds of happiness/disappointment from said crystal (personally):
    67% chance of getting a desired champ.
    33% chance of disappointment. :(
    For these stats, if you want to apply them to your own account, the undesired champs were:
    -Black Panther (Civil War)
    -Captain America
    -Iron Man
    -Iron Patriot

    What? Why Mordo? He’s a very annoying defender and a decent and fun to play attacker.

    As for Loki, I think he’s very underrated. Especially when he’s so useful for the bosses in event quests

    Guess who doesn't hold on to their passive power charge nearly as much in AW anymore along with Hyperion? Starts with M and ends with Ordo.
    I contemplate not putting these guys in as defenders anymore, they seem to suddenly blow their sp1s and sp2s where a month ago you'd be safe with multiple sp3 kills.
  • ChadhoganChadhogan Posts: 437 ★★
    A free 5* champ I'm not really bothered who I get just glad to get a good reward for auto pilot fights it's all good lol😄
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