New update?

TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,867 ★★★★★
Why is there a new update? What's it for? It's not just me is it


  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,867 ★★★★★
    Is it for summoner appreciation or something?
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 3,900 ★★★★
    Version 19.1.1

    19.1.1 is a small release to help determine the cause of a problem that occurs in the tutorial for a new player. It is not a necessary update for any of our players that are not starting a new Account.
  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,867 ★★★★★
    Thanks, i didn't notice that. It's still fine to update it anyway right?
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 3,900 ★★★★
    Don't update if not necessary. ;)
  • winterthur, thank you very much for answering TheSquish671's questions! I really appreciate you taking the time to do that and it shows great community spirit!

    To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this thread now.
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