help my rng is busted

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I have 16 5* of those 16 7 are tech champions almost 50% last month i got iron man yesterday i got stark enhanced today i got rocket raccoon. also i am at 90% chance of pulling skill t4cc unfortunately i dont have any skill champs to use them on and trading 3 for a random type is stupid i would only trade three if i can pick what i got. stuff like this doesn't want to make me play more but less. 7 tech champs are not going to help me get through act 5. and the inability to rank up champions unless you're in a map 5 alliance is another reason i don't play as much nor do i spend money on this tame for those 2 reasons.

why should you care ok lets try and answer that. this game is not an rpg it iz not a pvp game so the majority of players play to acquire great champions to beat your quests. so our focus is to acquire and then rank up. but where youre failing is the ranking up part. what good is that stark enhanced champion if it will be months before it is ranked past 3 and even longer still to get to 4 etc. it isnt any good at all it is useless. you have the trash can inventory to try and force us to rank up champions we dont want or wont use again fail it will either rot or get sold because your rank up system requires multilple parts a player can have a surplus of t4cc but very little t1a so that champion will remain at rank 1.

The master level quests have increased in difficulty but yet the rewards have decreased last months was brutal i was able to 100% with some out of pocket cash. this months i competed it but will not be 100% it at all the difficulty last 2 was ****. and the rewards are not worth the money or effort. this you vs us mentality is a fail from a business aspect. increasing the difficulty of lower content to make it harder for the people with rank 5 5* and a roster of 6* is a fail. thats why i thought ypu introduced uncollected difficulty hell if you have to make an insane level and don't allow people to enter it without the required team level.leave master and below content alone.

not many people will pay 60 40 or 20 dollars for a crystal that only has a 2% it could be 4% chance 5o get a 5 * nor would they pay that much for a guaranteed 5* imagine paying that and pulling a 5* spider gwen or iron patriot or even joe fixit. but people would pay 10 to 15 for a guaranteed 5* as long as it only contained good to great champions as defined by the community.

what things have you done that opened my wallet and got excited to play. gwenpool event the daily class crystal that when you bought one another opened up for 10 dollars but it had 2 t4cc of that class i bought all of those. the monthly quests used to up until last one and this one.

lower the costs of your offers and introduce the t4cc proving grounds to be like the others where you can get a fully formed 1 also a t1a daily proving grounds.


test it out introduce the 2 part daily class crystal see how much revenue you bring. in

lets be honest 4* r5 champions are not enough to complete content anymore so they won't be ranked up ever because resources are rare want us to rank up and play more make resources more available.


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    Run the class specific dailies. Sell sell sell. Rinse repeat. That's all you can do.
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    Your RNG isn’t “busted” it’s an example of how RNG itself works.

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    This months quest was very difficult mostly because of one over powered boss but the last 3 before it where quite easy
    It’s master difficulty for a reason and I think challenge wise it fits in nicely between heroic and uncollected exactly as is supposed to.
    lol you have amazing champs, why do you care about the same class?

    you got nice synergys with goblin, star, nebula, starlord + aa, amazing team for cleaning act 5
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    cant speak for everything you have said here but wat i can say with certainty is this.

    with that roster just of your 5* alone if you have struggled with master difficulty then you need to improve you skill.
    watch some videos on youtube and learn how to do things like intercept better, or learn champs abilities more.
    you have some good champs there and you should be just fine with master difficulty content.

    the difficulty of this months master quest is a bit harder than last month yes. but the rewards are the same as they have been for along time.
    and also master difficulty was made easier in december when the released uncollected difficulty.
    prior to uncollected difficulty master quest was harder than it is now.
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    RNG is rubbish. I need mutant t4cs, so of course this happens tonight:

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    also 4* are not useless.....

    i use my 4*, AA, LC, SW, BLADE, GR, SS, CAIW all the time for everything.......
    i do uncollected EQ with majority 4* teams......

    the only thing 4* cant do is LOL....
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    Fanoin wrote: »
    you know what forget these forums its useless you focus on one aspect and ignore the rest nothing will ever change until the commenters don't confuse the issue peace out and good luck to you all

    Bye Felecia
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    Fanoin wrote: »
    maat1985 you're proving my point like you kabaam 8s out of touch you can rank up as you please. you probably get 2 to 3 5* a month. myself and a lot of others can't so yeah when i get my 1 5* every other m9nth and it is a tech champion i get frosty that stark 3nhanced will be a r2 for a long time so does me no good. i looked at your profile and you're almost 600k twice mine. my career prevents joining any alliance and it can't be just any old alliance it has to be a map 5 alliance . that's my point if it was easier not giving away easier but easier than it is now for the vast majority of players to get resources rank up even those so so champs as a stop gap until something better comes along would go a long way of improv8ng game play retaining players. some of my ideas i gave would increase revenue by a lot and its based of a more for less business model. and you can knock my skill all you want check out my titles i have been 100%ing master for a l9ng while. but players like you won't notice too much increased difficulty due to your roster.

    how am i proving your point????
    you have a variety of champs.....
    you said 4* are useless..... i said they are not.....

    you have a 5* AA, 5* GG, 5* Stark... i dun even know what 4* you have.
    but you have a really good solid strong mix of champs there........
    yes maybe more tech than others in your 5* but it happens...
    but hey you have some great champs there.......

    my roster may be 600k total.... but... that comes from having all my 2* and 3* champs maxed and all my 4* at 3/30 atleast.
    i only have 2 5* at 4/55......
    all the other champs i use for questing are my 4* 5/50's

    you wanna get rank up resources quicker...
    join an alliance....
    do alliance quest and alliance wars.......
    that will get you stuff sooooo much quicker than you could going solo.....
  • Im gonna be honest you really just seem like you want people to pity you?
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    R5 4* s are enough I use r4 4* for master mode psshh
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    I was in a same situation about a year ago, didn't had any good tech champion and had a lot more tech t4cc than any other, then came 4* SS, 5* Yondu, 4* Ultron, 4* Vision in the same month. Now i am oferflowing with science t4cc and expiring, and no good 5* to use on. But they will come. As for 4* dont cut to do quest or other stuff, that is wrong. I use them all the time, and remember when Brian Grant did that summoner's choice challenge that had a Iceman as last boss and he completed it with 3* only. 4* still do everything. My 4* SW takes down all bosses in the uncollected quest. With that 5* archangel, and 5* SS, you can clear a lot of content as they are. I remember that i took down The Collector with a 4* 4/40 SS and a lot of revives. Show us your 4* champions, if you need advice we can help out, there are still 4* that are worthy of ranking 5/50.
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    Fanoin wrote: »
    4*s take a lot more block damage everything now is being geared and tweaked harder. and yes i can't join an alliance due to work hours the object of a game is to get as many people to play and keep playing. you keep focusing on my stark enhanced its r2 i don't have any tech t4c i do have 5 mystic 5 science and 5 cosmic 11 skill t4c. i don't rank up my 4* s to 5 because it takes 5 t4b to do so i usually have anywhere between 6 and mire t1a in the garbage pail. if resources where more available across the board people would rank more and use more of those so so champs. but hey i can see the community likes it the way it is. i am done there is more to my post than a complaint has solutions as well. maybe i am too wordy. i am 53 years old my generation likes to give details.

    4* do take more block damage yes.....
    but they can still get the job done just fine......

    and unless you work 24hrs a day 7 days a week you will be able to find an alliance that suits your needs.....
    find an alliance that does not ask for event minimums, onew that runs only map3 aq, one that is lower tier wars that maybe only runs 2bg wars.
    one that does not ask for too much.

    all allies have different expectations.
    not all allies are top tier that require constant login and make mcoc a job.
    there are alot of allies that have peeps that just wanna do wat they can to get the best rewards they can with the time they have while puttin life first.
    seriously find an ally that suits. your rewards will get much better.
  • RNG is rubbish. I need mutant t4cs, so of course this happens tonight:

    It happens way too many times to be just bad luck. I am pretty sure by now that they skew the drops so we will be tempted to buy them with real money.
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