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Samsung gs8+ rare 4K like graphics

To those of you who play with flagship android phones (example: Samsung gs8+) has anyone noticed rare 4K like graphics after turning the screen off (without exiting the game) and unlocking your phone multiple times. The 4K like graphics are very rare and seem to happen randomly. While the game is running with these graphics the game feels very smooth and looks insanely good. If I lock my phone or restart the game the graphics seem to revert to the original state. The load times do not change at all. Does anyone know how to get these 4K like graphics ?


  • I have the same "issue" and it seems to be completely random
  • It seems to happen more often when unlocking the phone via fingerprint scanner
  • Player909Player909 Posts: 50
    Ive had that happen but thought it was me. Its nuts cause it actually looks good for a while. Its good to know Im not going insane and imagining that. Thank you!
  • MarzBarzMarzBarz Posts: 8
    Hm I thought I was the only one experiencing that. I have an s9+ and would really love to know how to have that on 24/7. But yes generally does seem to happen after unlocking my phone.
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