Cosmic Awakening Gem

4 star Cosmic Awakening Gem on Hyperion or wait for Medusa.

Cosmic Awakening Gem 44 votes

Use on Hyperion
36% 16 votes
Wait for Medusa
63% 28 votes


  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Wait for Medusa hype doesnt need his dup
  • Atticus9090Atticus9090 Posts: 521 ★★
    Hyperion is amazing even unawakened.

    Highly advise you to wait for a 4* Medusa to come your way. Trust me, the autblock, and furies that come with her awakened ability are well worth the wait.
  • B_Dizzle_01B_Dizzle_01 Posts: 1,637 ★★★
    Hypes dupe only makes furies longer. Medusa’s dupe makes her amazing. Go medusa bro.
  • SKOutsiderSKOutsider Posts: 117 ★★
    Hyperion doesn’t need the gem. Honestly it would be a waste of a gem and you’d regret it shortly after.
  • AleorAleor Posts: 2,969 ★★★★★
    you might end up waiting for her for years. also I have r5 4* hype, whom I awakened smth like 1.5 years ago with a generic ag, and unawakened r4 5* hype - his sig does a lot for him. first of all, changes fight dynamics a lot. second, with his buffs being longer you can stack more furies, wich, as you might know, might increase his damage to really huge. and finally, you can spam sp1 without having to wait, wich is great vs champs like, say, electro.
    medusa might be better for robots. I don't remember anyone dying vs her recently in AW

    also I personally believe Hype is more fun to play
  • IcsGrecIcsGrec Posts: 919 ★★★
    edited August 2018
    Do you need Medusa? How's your roster?
    You might receive her at a point where your roster is so good that she won't have that big of an impact.
    You could also receive her as a 5 star.

    Waiting doesn't guarantee that you will actually receive that champ. I say use it now. Sure, Hyperion doesn't need the awakening, but his signature ability helps a lot. Those furies last a lot longer, and his damage output is unreal.
    He's been my main DPS ever since i've duped him :smile:
  • Maat1985Maat1985 Posts: 1,704 ★★★
    i would always advise against waiting for a particular champ cus well how long u gunna wait????
    maybe you will use it on hype and then pull medusa tomorrow.....
    maybe you will wait and you will end up no longer needing medusa by the time you pull her....
    maybe you wait and you quit playing MCOC before you get her....

    i would say wait until you have a good option to use it.....
    Hype is a good option. Use it on him no worries.....
    if you had both i would say Medusa without a doubt....
    but you only have Hype...
    use it on him...
    no point waiting for the Christmas that may never come...
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