Maximum Efført - Rebuilding

Hey all,

Seasoned alliance looking to rebuild. Our goal is to have the most fun that we can while going after the rewards that are the best use of our time and effort. Past AW season finishes are Platinum 2, Platinum 1 and a Murphy's Law seasons that barely landed us outside of platinum in Gold 1. With the upcoming AQ changes, we plan to run some variety of AQ6 and AQ5. On the AW front our goal is to get back into Platinum.

We are looking for laid back team players wanting to invest in the alliance like the rest of us. Prestige needs to be around the 7000 mark. 1 R5 with plans to explore Act 5 if not yet done. Discord required.

Come chat with us on Discord:


  • MCOCsucksMCOCsucks Posts: 39
    Do you still have that god tier player SRV5/Lotion in your ally?
  • Yeah, free to a good home! :p
  • DjskiDjski Posts: 1
    edited September 2018
    Sounds like an awesome ally. What would my prestige need to be to join or does that matter? That lotion guy seems to have lower prestige than I thought would be needed.
  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    I've been playing with these guys for a long time. It's not just another team, it's a home. If you're 7k+, you have decent skills, and you want to push at a steady pace instead of a burn-out pace, you should take the red pill by clicking that link. First one's free... Tell your friends. {wink}

  • MuzzMuzz Posts: 124
    Good news! We’ve got a couple new friends on board. The even better news is we still have room for a few more. Defense is looking pretty stacked and everyone’s getting along great. Just a few more and we got ourselves a band of wreckers. You wanna play the fighting game with us?
  • Great alliance Guys! We have fun get great rewards without HUGE pressure come check us out!!
  • RikuremaRikurema Posts: 141
    Did something happen to you guys after I left?? :open_mouth:
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