Act 5 advice

Before today I'd never attempted act 5, simply because it seemed too much of a challenge and I preferred to focus on event quest and arena content. Anyway today I decided to try it just to see how far I could get with a selection of revives and potions from halls of healing and got through the first chapter. Before I start the second chapter are there any tips or challenges that you face between 5.2.1 and the collector? Any advice is helpful so thanks.


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    First 2 quests are easy enough (power shield). 3rd quest (buffet) is a bit tricky but manageable. 4th quest (masochism) is something out of a nightmare, and you'll need plenty of intercepting to avoid them regening. 5th quest (bane) is somehow easier (imo at least), you just need to learn how to time your actions in order to transfer bane. 6th quest has the same node and concept, with the collector waiting at the end. His fight is basically just brute force (not the node lol). Get in, do as much damage as possible before getting wiped by a special, die, repeat. He'll eventually go down. Hope this helps!
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    If you have a good sabretooth and a killmonger for the synergy, I’d bring him into the masochism quest. HIGHLY effective, lemme tell ya
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    Thanks guys, keep the tips coming
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    Dont think about me n act let me c youre roster i just finish act 5
  • Strikerrx8Strikerrx8 Posts: 1,090 ★★★
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    For Masochism another option would be Thor if you’re willing to spec into longer fights. Or if you have Resonate I’d suggest using AA, Voodoo, or basically anyone with high DPS and lots of DoT (Hyperion with Sp1 for example)
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    Here are some of my champs - best and some of my other 4*s that I've got recently and could take up. I have others but they're not much use.7s7e1p55jkt1.jpg
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  • Who would be the best choice to take on act 5.2.5. and 5.2.6? S8j8wum0z2tf9.jpg
    ee my team!!
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