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Mass lag, overheat, battery drain [Merged Threads]



  • @Kabam Sophia @Kabam Miike @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Zibiit its been over 24hrs. This is turning into unfair advantage for players who can't get on long enough to play in arenas, danger rooms, or wanna try for legend run as these are timed events.
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    @Kabam Vydious This is nothing like the previous issues people were having,ITS YOUR DAMN UPDATE. Until this is fixed game cannot be played by many, including myself my wife and alot of Ally members.
  • AhitlawAhitlaw Posts: 2,123 ★★★★
    Apparently Kabam is too incompetent to realize updates are supposed to better the game
  • Nerfbat73Nerfbat73 Posts: 30
    Hey everyone!

    I'm sorry to hear you're facing some issues with this new update, but like any other of this type, we ask you provide device information so we can look further into it. If you haven't done so already, please do and state exactly what you're experiencing and where in-game. Thanks in advance!

    I.E.we did not properly in house test out update so we need to provide all the information we could of had by in house testing before we released it. Same **** different diaper kudos Kabam
  • Jlemos818Jlemos818 Posts: 83
    Android lg aristo 2 never had a problem until this update mass lag in all gameplay and all screens freezes for seconds and game is unplayable
  • Jlemos818Jlemos818 Posts: 83
    200 shards away from 2nd 6star can't get them now because game is unplayable.
  • XFA_RebootedXFA_Rebooted Posts: 1,048 ★★★
    With the beta coming, testing will be inaccurate with the lagging issues... Fyi kabam
  • BapoiBapoi Posts: 995 ★★★
    iPad Air, lagging like a maniac on the Dimensional Doc Strange map. Cost me an entire team fighting Emma (my own fault for going on obviously).
    Switched to my iPad Air 2, no more lag on that same map and finished the fight.

    Older devices appear to have re-gained old map problems where the map would lag you to pieces.
    The dimensional map, Hell's Kitchen, the rooftop, all are giving me hell on the older iPad again, whereas before this patch, I had no issues on those. Did in the past, but at some point you made optimisations for performance and those worked on those maps. Not anymore. Not on older devices.
  • Dalton09Dalton09 Posts: 33
    i saw like there was a lil update but all the issues still persist
  • This lag is terrible . I could get 20 fights in a reasonable time in Arena now it has taken me an Hour and Half due to lag
  • _iiZuesii_iiZuesii Posts: 10
    LG Aristo
    Android 7.0
    every fight is choppy and has huge lag all through the fight, freezes when going into the crystal menu and drains my phone battery and overheats.
  • Madman_marvinMadman_marvin Posts: 648 ★★★★
    iPhone 8plus
    11.4.1 iOS
    Latest update
    I’m having horrible lag in crystal store, moving around on maps, going into fights, and when opponent specials are launched (this is most frustrating as it’s causing block damage or hits that are easily evadible). Just about every facet of the game.
  • OllyoxenfreeOllyoxenfree Posts: 248
    Ya I’m getting really bad lag and choppyness but it only started today.
  • duckrogersduckrogers Posts: 11
    Leg in fights, vs Mode is terrible slow. And cristal menu terrible And atoped all game, please help,
  • kpkumardtskpkumardts Posts: 120
    IOS 11.4.1
    GAME VERSION 20.0.1
    Same for me :( my phone's overheating like hell and draining battery too fast.
  • Terri33Terri33 Posts: 18
    As requested by kabam on their Facebook page
    Sony XA
    Android 7.0
  • Tthunder2058Tthunder2058 Posts: 115
    Using Android Nexus phone loading lags,heats up , crystal screen freezes can't open.
  • mrTequilasmrTequilas Posts: 31
    every time i open a new screen, i have to wait for a minute cause the lag doesn't allow me to move. i use xiaomi redmi 5
  • My game is lagging so much with the new update slow down while playing stop working.. i have Lenovo A7010a48... I have many problems with this new updates please solve my problems...
  • Xiaomi redmi note 3
    Android version 6.0.1
    LAG problem
  • VeeTeeTeeVeeTeeTee Posts: 72
    having heating issues with the last update

    Device: Xiaomi Mi 6
    Android: 8.0.0
    Game ver.: latest
    Problem: Overheating in every game mode
  • BraderSawBraderSaw Posts: 76
    Me too I gotting lagging and overheating issue with the last updated

    Device:Vivo Y21


    Game version:latest

    Problem:Overheating and battery drain in every game mode
  • ZainshamsZainshams Posts: 102
    Don't know what's going on with kabam but it's been 3 months of wosrt gaming experience. Every update brings with itself a new problem. A company like kabam who make so much of money have bugs with every update. And we players have to provide them constructive feedback so that they can fix their game. Don't they have their testers to test the problems! What do we get to test out their bugs? Nothing. Not complaining because I'm getting used to this nuisance with every update. Keep doing this and 1 day we will be free of this addiction and eventually quit.
  • thereisacowthereisacow Posts: 0
    edited September 2018
    Hey guys. Anyone having issues with lag? I've been lagging at the start of a match and mid-fight which caused me to lose hard fights, especially in AW. What's worse, the longer I play, the laggier it gets at the point that during character selection (before the quest or arena),my roster buffers to the point that it took me a minute just to load. My phone is an 1 year old android, and I'm wondering if anyone has the same issues in android, too.
  • 2_70tanker2_70tanker Posts: 12
    So this is day 3 of the same problem and all that is happening is being redirected to different posts and asking for information that's already being provided with no real response from kabam. This is getting ridiculous.
  • After the new update the game is lagging a lot
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