Gwenpool or Killmonger? (Both unduped)

So, I have 4* 4/40 Gwenpool and Killmonger. And soon, in T4B Event, I'll have enough resources to upgrade my skill champ to the max.

For now, I have only one maxed 4*, it's duped Corvus Glaive that I always bring to AW.
Before I have CG, I always use 4*: Duped Void (4/40), Unduped Killmonger (4/40) and Unduped Sabretooth (4/40).

Since I maxed CG, I always use CG and Void. Because those two are my favorite champs.
Sometimes I bring KM to help void regenerate or spam KM SP2. But sometimes if I need bleed/poison immune champ, I'll bring Unduped 5* Nebula (2/35).

I rarely use GP in AW. Mostly in AQ.

So yes, I'm leaning toward KM...
But, just in case I don't realize something or maybe you have different view or opinion please do share...

Gwenpool or Killmonger? (Both unduped) 23 votes

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