I need awesome alliance

Im looking for an awesome alliance that communicates and doesnt just try to build one person up. An alliance should be about helping each other grow and earn the most rewards possible. I need out of my current situation and i need a much better team. My in-game name is TreyMoss16 if u wanna check me out. I just wanna grow as a player and get better. Thank you.


  • AprilMoon7AprilMoon7 Posts: 62
    Is it TreyMoss16 or 2016?
  • MartinoosoMartinooso Posts: 44
    Hey there mate.
    Our alliance is all about what You are looking for, if You wanna hear more add me on Line or in game.
    My user is the same everywhere.
  • Mine is TreyMoss2016
  • Sent you a friend request in game. My intake I'd is DSALVATORE .
    If you are interested in doing our alliance msg me I'n line -su132raj
  • Ground_Round1Ground_Round1 Posts: 800
    Hey Guys,

    We have to replace a guy, so I wanted to see if there was anyone looking around for a new place to hang out...

    What we have: a stable, active, supportive group of players. (11+ mil ally, 30 active guys strong). We are running 544, 544, 442, 442, 322 in AQ (first week was 50+mil, first 2 days are mandatory), and 2 BG's in AW...Gold 3 last 3 seasons, goal is Gold 2 next season. We have a great balance of life and game, allowing guys to pop out for for a bit for real life, while plenty of opportunity to immerse yourself into a great group to play the game. We use discord for team comms (like line, but better for us) and are very organized with comms.

    We need you to have enough 5-50's or 3-45's to run AQ, and AW concurrently, as well as your EQ, etc.

    We have minimums...2k item use, 10k completion, 8k SA. We hit SA weekly, most always top half. Donations are 50k gold and 3k loyalty and 3k Battle chips to support map 4 and 5 in AQ.

    If this sounds like a great place to hang out, please reach out: Ground Round on line, Ground Round #0363 in discord, and Ground Round in game.
  • Gladiator2014Gladiator2014 Posts: 283
    Hi TreyMoss2016. I just add you as friend in-game. We at [1Dos3] are an active, AQ focused alliance. We don't participate in war for the time being, but will when our rosters are stronger. If you look at our alliance, you will see that it has a nice blend of vets and many lower rating accounts. That's why, we are focusing on helping our teammates get stronger before we do war.

    For AQ, we play in 2 BG. In BG 1, we play Map 4 or 5 because we can complete it with our vets. In BG 2, we play either map 1 or 2 to fit the strength of our lower rating teammates which allow them to complete the map 100%. Collectively for AQ, you can expect to receive at least 1700 Glory, 3000 T4BC fragments, Map 5 Crystal x 1, and Map 4 Crystals x 6 each week.

    There are no donations. There are no minimums. It is supposed to be a fun, stress free environment because many of us have real life responsibilities outside this game. That said, we are still very active and in alliance events, we reach the next-to-last or last milestones in most events. We participate in weekly SA. You will get good rewards in our alliance (T1AC, 4-star shards, some 5-Star shards, etc.) to help you continue to develop your roster.

    We use Telegram as our communication app. You can find me on Telegram (@gladiator2014) or in-game. My IGN is also gladiator2014.
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