Game is back up but war is screwed up now

It says my defenders are in a war but I hadn't even placed them yet. I was about to place them when the game crashed.


  • hephaestushephaestus Posts: 145
    I have restarted the game. No change.
  • MoldyFingersMoldyFingers Posts: 112
    wait, game is up???? not for me.
  • hephaestushephaestus Posts: 145
    edited October 2018
    Yes. I just wasted my two lab tickets for the day getting my ass handed to me. I think I'm just going to take this month off. I'm so discouraged with the game right now. Controls never work, can't even get to the new content between crashes.
  • Hello hephaestus,

    We're sorry to hear that you've experienced some issues with War.

    Please take the time to reach out to our Support Team on the link below. They will be able to look into this for you:

    Kind Regards,

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