Corvus Glaive taking initial coldsnap damage from awakened iceman


Corvus Glaive is taking damage from the initial coldsnap from an awakened iceman. They, including the future placed ones, are correctly purified by the activation/deactivation of the glaive, but the initial debuff is still damaging him until it expires or is purified.

I tested this using a duel, but this could be devastating with iceman on war defense.


  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 451 ★★
    As an update, the damage being done is exclusively cold snap damage. The same damage (101) was done to a teammate's champion during a duel without suicides.
  • shawnli87shawnli87 Posts: 99
    Just tested this out. Seems like it’s only happening when fighting AGAINST Corvus.
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