End of fight freezing when using Thor ragnarok+Hela synergy

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As the title says, some alliance mates mentioned this the other day too.
Basically if you use Thor Ragnarok to take down an opponent in a quest whilst the Hela synergy is active (10% health back upon killing an opponent) the game locks up at the end of the fights forcing a reset.
Not sure what cause some of the other lock ups I’ve seen but this has consistently happened for 3 separate users now


  • bryndenriversbryndenrivers Posts: 443 ★★
    using thor ragnorak in any content today (as long as the synergy with hela is active) ive had the game completely freeze on me upon killing the opponent. its not a skipped frame or lag. the game freezes mid animation and only closing the game and restarting works. this isnt the first time this synergy has broken the game. back when vanquishing blows were around if you used a 5* thor rags with hela synergy you wouldnt get credit for the killing blow because the synergy activates a heal as the last action, canceling out your medium attack as the last action taken before the fight ends. i love this game and would love to continue playing it but there always seems to be something not functioning as intended.......ixbhzcfwjf7jg.png
  • bryndenriversbryndenrivers Posts: 443 ★★
    ps i took videos of 2 times this happened but it wouldnt let me upload the videos
  • JCPer14JCPer14 Posts: 79
    I’ve been using my 6* today for the avengers use event and has happened 5 times to me. First time I thought it was funny but now, come on.....

  • Hey there, thanks for the info! We've passed the info along to the rest of the team for investigation.
  • icorericorer Posts: 66
    Shortly after curse placed game freezes and requires reset.

    Always Loki, may or may not be influenced by Hela synergy on my team.

    Easy to repeat so hopefully the dev team can quickly identify and fix. I the meantime i can no longer reliably bring my Loki to labs now due to him causing the game to freeze, which is frustrating when he's one of my r4 5* champs
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,937 ★★★

    What version of the game are you using if you are still experiencing this issue?
  • icorericorer Posts: 66
    Kabam Lyra wrote: »

    What version of the game are you using if you are still experiencing this issue?

    Noticed my Loki post appears here now, that god of mischief :D

    Could well be Hela related so if it helps get to the bottom of the different issues that's great.

    I'm using the most updated version of the game and i play on Android
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