Developers Thoughts: Improving Alliance Wars Discussion Thread



  • RWW12RWW12 Posts: 38
    One suggestion for fixing the piloting situation and the issue of bumping a platinum2/3 alliance down into fights with gold1 opponents could be a 24 hour ban for the individual offender for the first offense. That will hurt the summoner as well as the alliance that now must fight with one less attacker and 10 less defenders. Then only lower the war rating of the offending team as if they would’ve lost the last war. No lower, so they will continue to fight the same level of opponent that they should be fighting. Lastly, doc the alliance points from their season total thus dropping them in the overall rankings. It’s great that kabam has cracked down on piloting, but last season our own alliance fought at least a couple alliances that obviously fell from a higher tier and were now working their way back up. This resulted in some losses that kept us from advancing to the next level.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Are there any plans to change the current system of having to be in the alliance you've participated in 5 wars at the end of the season?

    I missed season rewards last time because I went on holiday and only managed 4 wars with my new alliance when I got back but I did more than 5 wars with the alliance I was in before my holiday.

    Also we see a lot of forum posts where someone is kicked on the last day of the season by a disgruntled officer meaning they get nothing.
  • RobbietheoxRobbietheox Posts: 20
    I think an adjustment of bracket size most players want to end game players want gold1 plus the problem is this group has been expanding which has been making AW more stressful and overly competitive so an expansion would help relieve some of that stress also maybe adding some 6* shards to tier 5 and improving the tier 5 basic amounts in season rewards we don't mind an increase in difficulty if the rewards are fair to match it
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