Medusa auto-block removes debuffs?

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I Was fighting an awakened medusa with my 5/65 void in uncollected. All debuffs that are placed after she gains a fury are removed when she triggeres auto block. This is obviously not intended and needs to be looked at. Medusa’s auto block says nothing about removing debuffs. Any debuff placed before she gains a fury stays when she auto blocks but that is not the case for any debuff placed after she gains 1 fury from her sig ability


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    Here are pics from a video I recorded using a 4* void. They are in reverse order but you can see the intimidating presence debuff disappear. This is the medusa in UC chapter 3 quest 2.
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    Ther ikow abudt it.
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    After the Carnage buff, I began using him many times and I encountered an important bug:
    Obviously, medusa's auto block didn't remove all the 3 furies ( this bug exists since June, more or less.. it's not the "main" problem)
    The new bug I found is:
    After auto block, medusa shrugs off ALMOST 1 debuff.
    In the attached clip, you can see this bug and the annoying previous bug that allows medusa to obtain 2 furies after auto block. I died in a strange way, but that's another problem.
    One week ago I sent an email to kabam, but now I want to share this video with you (the video is a bit in slow motion)
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    Video is available now
  • Hey there!

    We've gone ahead and passed this along to the rest of the team. Thank you for sharing the visuals with us!
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    It seems to remove the last fury and the next 2 most recent buff/debuffs when she auto-blocks.

    I see this all the time with using Dr Voodoo; she will consume a total of 3 between Loas, Fury, power drain, and even the stun from a parry.
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    Hey folks, what about this:
    Armor shattered prevents the enemy to gain armour and at the same time, you can't armour break him anymore. Well, I found this bug during Occult labs!
    Killmonger had a node with +90% armour. I made armour shattered, but after some time, he got his armour! She is the most bugged pg of the month, I think.cp2g67322zm8.jpg
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    This was to be fixed in the upcoming update, 3 updates ago! Just one of those things where it benefits them and not us so its not priority.
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