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I have a radical new idea and I think this might be a game changer for MCOC and for all of us.

How about all of us get one "SPECIAL PLAYER STAR" character as unique as our fingerprint... and this will be based on the sum total of all our other characters and rankings across 2*, 3*, 4* and 5* champions.

For instance, let's say someone has

2 star champions - 30... of which 10 are maxed out
3 star champions - 50... of which say 35 are maxed out
4 star champions - 20... of which maybe 3 are maxed out and his highest rank is a Captain America at 6000 rating

This combination might yield a unique SPECIAL PLAYER STAR champion which is Captain America (since that is the player's highest ranked champion as of now) with a strength of xxx (this calculation is based on his basket of champions).

Now let's say, this player gets an Iron Man and upgrades it to 7000 rating, NOW his unique SPECIAL STAR champion will change to Iron Man

So in effect, each of us will have different ratings and different champions... BUT ONLY ONE SPECIAL STAR character which will keep changing as our roster changes. This will encourage:

1. Building a wide roster of different champions
2. Encourage the player to explore more characters by ranking them up and trying them out
3. Give the feeling that nothing is wasted in terms of character development. Many feel they have useless basket of unused 2* and 3* champions and Kabam has to come up with special events to justify the 2* and 3*s
4. Every 2* and every 3* is going to contribute to your STAR PLAYER.... so you don't have to feel bad that you pulled a 2 star or a 3 star champion from a crystal

5. Your SPECIAL PLAYER STAR is essentially your honour badge... it is an indication of how strong you are (much like prestige) but here you get to use that character so it is no longer just a number but has translated into value for you in the game.

What do you think guys?


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