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Champion Buff/Debuff Suggestions

Some characters need improvements to keep up with the new ones.

Here's a startup of suggestions for characters that I personally feel need some improvements.

Black Panther: Begins fight with 5 armor up buffs, loosing 1 for each 5 seconds that have passed


  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Cable: 20% chance to absorb up to 10% of any energy received

    Captain America: 10% chance to counter strike physical attacks, automatically inflicting a light attack on your behalf

    Captain America WWII: every 15 hits activates a critical rate or damage buff (50%|50%) increasing either by 10%
  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Captain Marvel: 15% for special attacks to increase energy damage resistance by 30% for 5-10 seconds

    Civil Warrior: 10% chance for light/medium attacks to convert any armor up buffs into a fury buff, increasing attack by 5% and lasting for 5 seconds, stackable up to 5

    Colossus: 10% chance to gain a permanent fury buff (up to 3) increasing attack by 5-10% each, each time a buff expires or is removed

    Deadpool: while Regen is active, 10% chance to evade all attacks, while no buffs are active, +15% critical rate,
  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Deadpool x-force: Becomes unstoppable for 5 seconds if more than 20% health is lost in less than 7 seconds, special 1 costs 15% less power

    Dr. Strange: Everytime a buff changes, 25% chance to enter an alternate state, lasting for 6 seconds. During this time attack, health, and power gain are increased by 10%, and when the effect expires, recover 50% of any health lost during that time

    Dormammu: every 25 seconds Regen 10% max health and increase attack by 5%

    Hulk: Everytime hulk uses a special attack, increase hp by 10% of current hp, increasing by 1% each activation

    Gamora: 10% chance to evade physical attacks
  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Hawkeye: special 2 inflicts shock dealing massive damage over 10 seconds. Special 3 causes stun for 2 seconds.

    Hulk buster: for every armorup removed, hulk buster gains 10% power

    Ironfist: heavy attacks have 20% chance to activate unstoppable for 2 seconds, 6 second cool down

    Immortal ironfist: becomes unstoppable every time he activates a special attack, lasts 2 seconds, 6 second cool down

    Iron man: 15% chance to absorb 15% of any energy damage received
  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Iron Patriot: special 1 costs 20% less power

    Joe Fixit: 5% chance to remove any buffs with heavy attacks

    Loki: 10% chance to activate a random buff lasting 10 seconds

    Magneto: special 3 has a 15% chance to instant k.o. magnetized opponents under 30% health if Magneto's health is below 10%
  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Magneto Now: heavy attacks have chance to magnetize all opponents for 10 seconds

    Mephisto: heavy attacks have 50% chance to health steal 1-10% of enemies current hp
    Based on mephistos power meter

    Ms Marvel: 20% chance to activate power flood up to 3 times per fight, each time she looses more than 15% health from a single source, gaining 30% power over 7 seconds

    Kamala Khan: 40% chance to counter strike heavy attacks, automatically performing a light attack and gaing +70% fury damage for 2 seconds

  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Old Man Loagan: 50% chance to endure any fatal attack, , regening 15% health over 6 seconds, becoming unstoppable for 10 seconds, and gaining 15% attack increase. After 10 seconds, health degenerates to 0

    Pheonix: special 1 has 20% chance to buff steal up to 5 times per fight based on level

    Psylocke: keeps existing heavy attack bonus, + heavy attacks gain a 50% chance to cause a concussion lasting for up to 10 seconds based on power meter, reducing enemy ability accuracy by up to 70% based on level, if opponent is above two bars of power, also stuns for 1.5 seconds

    Punisher: if punisher looses more than 20% health from a single source, his next attack is unblockable

    Punisher 2099: every 15 hits on combo meter increase any power gain by 5%

    Rocket Raccoon: 20% chance to evade specials 1 and 2, 10% chance to evade physical attacks

    Ronan: gains 5% energy damage every 10 seconds

    She hulk: when below 20% health, + 25% all resistance

    Storm: immune to shock. While opponents are stunned, special attacks have a 10% chance to activate cold snap, degenerating 10-15% of enemy health over 15 seconds

    Superior Ironman: +10% power gain. Special 1 has 10% chance to cost no power

    Thor: after being struck with 3 special attacks, Thor becomes unstoppable for 5-10 seconds based on level

    Unstoppable Colossus: when becoming unstoppable removes all debuffs, while unstoppable, immune to stun, and +30% block penetration

    Vision: reduces stun duration by .5 seconds

    War machine: for every 25% hp lost, gain 20% power

    Winter soldier: for every Debuff activated on ws, increase power gain by 3%

    Wolverine: +20% physical resist, +15% energy resist for the duration of Regen buffs

    Yellow jacket: if yellow jacket inflicts a powersting while one is still active, the effect is increased by 20%, following stings still have their own timer
  • BadabibidonBadabibidon Posts: 69
    Antman: special 1 has 30% chance to stun for 2s
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