Hyper-Active Map 6x2 ally looking for 7K prestige members


♨️Looking for dedicated, super active, experienced map 6 fighter.
♨️AQ map 6x2 weekly 2BG & one BG map 5x5. will be top 200 in AQ soon.
♨️Pushing for platinum tier 3-4 war.

Weekly donations
244K Gold
46K BC
20K loyalty- per member

PM me if you are interested to secure a place in my alliance.

LINE: reeaan.marvel


  • reeaanreeaan Posts: 169

    We recently started doing map 6x2 and enjoying because of map 6 crystals, gives you more t2a fragments in one month you can get TWO t2a or even more if you are smart. Bit expensive but worth it. And we are doing 💯 everyday. Join us if you are a super active member.

  • reeaanreeaan Posts: 169
    looking to replace retiring members before starting AQ

    Plz HMU on line: reeaan.marvel

  • reeaanreeaan Posts: 169
    still looking for 5-6 strong 💪 members
  • reeaanreeaan Posts: 169
    edited November 2018

    Ranked 227 this week in AQ as you see.

    Looking for super active, loyal & dedicated team members who want to play map 6x2 or even more & can donate in time. Don’t cry

    hit me up 🤙 on line app: reeaan.marvel

    Thanks 🙏
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