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fight was cut off by maintenance, likely outcome?

I was finishing up my last path of the symbiote difficulty in ch 2.2 (the Deadpool quest). I was fighting Hela with my 4/55 magik and I had JUST KO'd hela, right as I hit her and ko'd her, the game cut me off due to maintenance. Any chance that the game registered the win against her, or am I S.O.L. on my magik?


  • mum_m2mum_m2 Posts: 1,708 ★★★
    There's always at least one

    Yeah maybe. I've had it go either way though.
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    At the very least if it didn’t register there will be a rematch thanks to the crash recovery system.
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 20,483 ★★★★★
    It's possible but don't be surprised if it didn't register. Not the safest bet to cut it close.
    Just got back on and my fight WAS recorded as a win! I don't say this too often, but thank you KABAM
  • BobomanBoboman Posts: 674 ★★
    hit or miss i guess they never miss huh
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