Dash Vulnerability Bug (?)

This is a bug I noticed a few days ago in occult labs but kind of put off researching because I was lazy, but I did notice something strange when fighting champions with dash vulnerability.
I believe the description for the node is that the defender will take 200% more damage while performing a forward dash attack- meaning they will take 200% more damage if intercepted while dashing.
What I noticed is that these defenders seem to be taking 200% more damage consistently through the fight instead of just on intercepted hits. I don't have any proof because I didn't think to record and occult labs are over- I'm not aware of any dash vulnerability bosses/fights that are easy to get to.
Don't get me wrong I like extra damage but I still think that's a tad bit broken lol. I might be crazy but I thought I'd report this in incase it is an actual issue.
Thanks! -jettrgrsn


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