A Psylocke Question

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Why does the opponent gaining power from kinetic reactor turn off Psylocke’s power lock?

Is this an intended interaction? After Magneto hit Psylocke’s block, power lock disappears (pictured sequence) and Magneto begins gaining power from Psylocke’s hits (last pic).

I’m a new Psylocke convert, so I’m all ears.




Dr. Zola


  • It's intended. She doesn't power lock when the enemy has 0 power. Instead, she just doesn't give them power while they are being struck by her.
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 2,913 ★★★★★
    So...power lock goes away when Magneto gets power from striking her block via kinetic reactor? Does it make sense that she loses power lock at that moment?

    Dr. Zola
  • Yes, since he is getting power from another source that isn't being struck by her.
    It also doesn't work against Dr. Strange power gain, or power gain buffs for example.
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    Psylocke passively enervates her opponent when they are at zero power and she has a charge. If the opponent goes above 0 power they are no longer enervated. Enervate prevents the opponent from gaining power when struck but they can still gain power from other means (kinetic reactor, MD, buffs, etc).

    It’s not a power lock, her S2 has a power lock.
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    Sixth frame up there is out of place.

    Understand now. All of which makes her considerably less useful on a kinetic reactor node. Have to keep dropping power drain and intercepting to make it work.

    Greatly appreciate the insight.

    Dr. Zola
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    It’s basically a passive enervate, to sum it up
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    Yep, as others have said it's less like a power lock and more of an enervate. I venture if you tested the same thing with gwenpool and even beast, you would get the same results
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    It’s passive enervate not Power Lock

    As a fellow 1st wave Psylocke convert myself think of her as the abandoned love child of Hawkeye and Magik

    Sp1 power drain (possible gain)
    Sp2 Power LOCK!
    Sp3 avoid!!!

    She’s actually pretty solid for just increase gain or whatever but you’ll need that Sp2 for Kinetic Reactor.

    One think about her that IMO makes her situationally better is that you can kinda mix Sp1 and Sp2 for an odd drain-lock combo that eventually enables a heavy attack bomb drop

    (Vs a 100% power gain node might make her really good if she never fully drains her enemy by just constantly 5-hit-Sp1 combining for essentially a Sp3-Proof charge builder)
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