Which 5* Should I Take to Rank 4 Next?

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I should have the resources soon to take another 5* to Rank 4. My top choices are between Awakened Blade (Sig 30) or Unawakened Ghost. I have a 5/65 Sparky and a 3/45 Ghost Rider for the Holy Trinity. I also have a 3/45 Wasp and 3/45 Ant-Man for that Trinity. My next goals will be 100% Act 5, my first LOL run, and continuing to work through Uncollected monthly EQ (which I 100%'ed this month, but don't get every month yet). I also have a 3/45 Medusa (Sig 40) that may be a good option as well.

Which 5* Should I Take to Rank 4 Next? 6 votes

Unawakened Ghost
Esket1t_420 1 vote
Awakened Blade (Sig 30)
xananabananaFhfjghhggggjfhfjgYamaha_YamasoDr_Taint24 4 votes
Awakened Medusa (Sig 40)
Saket_123 1 vote


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