I dont have time to recruit, i need people though

Please join me. Here is the vision... need a couple officers that dont mind helping with a rebuild. Rewards will be light, so you better be comfortable grinding arena for your shards and basic 4s.

Mostly, we need about 12 newer active players that are still learning the game. We are chill, funny, and understand life comes first. We do expect communication because it makes our community stronger and more fun. If youve been playing seriously for a few months but want a permanent home, try out The Armory (tag WEPN) #getaweapon


  • In game name is Drworm82, we also have a group on Line app... ID on Line is also Drworm82
  • TChalllaTChallla Posts: 58
    Dr. Worm,

    Where are you at champ level wise?
  • Im 400k, but we are building sort of a farm system... most of our team is under 100k. Looking for seasoned officers to help build the team
  • AW season is starting, so theres time to get in this season. We have assembled a solid dedicated core and need a few more to get a 2nd War group. All levels welcomed, but if youre a daily, super active player around 100k, you will be right at home at the Armory. #getaweapon

    Msg me on Line or in game Drworm82
  • The Armory just won its 5th War in a row... jump on the bandwagon. We are running map1 in one group for smaller accts and map3 for bigger accts, need a few more to open another group in AW.
  • AQ we are gettin it done, low stress. No pressure to join, but we do appreciate the team atmosphere!
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 4,992 ★★★★★
    @Drworm82 just curious. Why not join an active group with 30 members that are moving upward? You'd progress much faster than trying to build from the bottom.
  • Drworm82Drworm82 Posts: 23
    One spot just opened up on this chill, stable, and active alliance. We need 1 more acct that can clear paths on Map4 and contribute to AW. Daily activity is only requirement.

    Solid core group that is diverse. We have 3 multigenerational families. Several countries represented, including US, UK, Australia, Canada and India. Everyone on the team is respectful and fun. We even have an archeologist and an anthropologist on the team!
  • Drworm82Drworm82 Posts: 23
    Had several members with life changes that opened up spots for 4 new team mates! Looking for map 4 experience. Map 5 experience would be a plus. Come join our chill team
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