What are optimal device/software/RAM/ Wifi/wireless data speed requirements??

I consider this a legitimate request for information from Kabam, so decided to post in this category.

After reviewing my thoughts towards all the countless threads and comments, including my own related to bugs/glitches/Lag over the past 11 months. It's been pretty much a scripted outcry from the community and response from the Dev. team(represented by moderators). I couldn't find anything related to this, and quite frankly I'm surprised at myself for not thinking of if sooner.

For a majority of issues, It's nearly the same wash and repeat Q&A.
Player: "This is getting really frustrating. Missing blocks, missed combos, intermittent Lag at the most inopportune moments! Kabam please fix this PLEASE".
KABAM: " Thanks for informing us of the problems, btw what device are you using"?
Player: " X on 4G LTE, X OS and X amount of Memory running on X Wireless carrier"

KABAM: "Interesting, we'll have the dev. Team look into it and update you when and if they find the issue".

Player: "Any updates? x amount of time has passed since this has been first brought up, and it's still happening".

KABAM: "..........."

Player: "So, still no update on when and if this will ever be fixed"?

KABAM: "Sorry gang, still nothing new. The team is looking into it. Thanks for hanging in there, and we'll update you as soon as we have something".

If in fact device/data speed/OS/memory etc etc is responsible for a majority of issues and therefore difficult to duplicate, I would like to request the following.

What are the OPTIMAL not Minimum requirements for device/memory/data speeds etc that the dev team is running that it would appear they do not run into the same issues as the avg. Joe in Joe schmo's alliance?

TBQH, I am willing to switch to whatever wireless carrier, device, internal memory/ external memory upgrade screen protector, bluetooth speaker/headphones.....whatever it is that the Dev team uses, if it will rid me of the ongoing/never ending lag/disconnects/missed everything problems that are plaguing "my device".

I think others might probably agree with me that the solution would be WELL worth the cost cosidering it could relieve us from having to continue experiencing all the frustration/time reading and posting in the forum/ units lost having to recover from issues up to this point. Thanks


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  • @Kabam Miike @Ad0ra_ @Kabam Vydious Can anyone provide a legitimate answer to this question? I'm actually very curious what the minimum device requirements are, and what the ideal/recommended device requirements are. I JUST upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to a Galaxy S9+. The difference in performance is night and day. Is this information posted somewhere and I just missed it?

    I can personally say that a device with an octo-core processor that runs 2.5+ ghz with 6 GB of RAM works WONDERFULLY. Minimal load time. Fantastic response time. 0 lag. For players whom do not like iOS, this device is treating me well.
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