2nd 5* R5/65?

SSofLimboSSofLimbo Posts: 133
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Already have Star-Lord R5.
Who should be next and why?
Or save the t5b & t2a for my next 6* who I should get within the next 2 months.

Thank you for your help.

2nd 5* R5/65? 21 votes

Void (sig lvl 157)
hendroidsvSceptilemaniacHammerbro_64KamalaWantsToPlayTooxananabanana10or_StrongCharlie_SceneEnderDraco58B_Dizzle_01Maldroit2Avengers320Hanger_29mrcyrcleEsket1t_420Dr_Taint24 15 votes
Hyperion (sig lvl 20)
OneManArmyAbarttoirAanthoRockypantherx 4 votes
Magik (sig lvl 63)
BuckeyeKP 1 vote
Save for next 6 star
Aayush2268 1 vote


  • SSofLimboSSofLimbo Posts: 133
    Or should I save the t5b and R4 Starky or Iceman? Both unduped
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 3,608 ★★★★★
    Void (sig lvl 157)
    You already have SL as a damage dealer, and Void has insane utility. Balancing ur roster is key
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