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Hi all,

First of all, I know this is not the right place for it, but i am however looking for some answers. Yesterday i got kicked out of the game, only to discover I got an 168 hours ban. My ticket is already submitted (right after). After doing some digging on forums, I mostly come to conclusion kabam replies with the same auto-answer. That the account was banned due to terms of violation. And never a real explanation of why they did it. At this moment (about 10 hours after the fact, i dont have an answer yet)

So my question is, did anyone ever got his account unbanned after sending in a ticket?

Before you say anything about playing fair, let me tell you this:

I have 2 accounts being one main account JustZ and one baby account ZiggiPiggiZ. Obviously the main account got the 168 hour ban. I use both accounts on 2 phones, being one android (galaxy s6e) and 1 apple (iphone 8). I never used any VPN or whatsoever. I never used any third program. I never shared my personal details, meaning those accounts were never used by any other device. I never logged in with any other than those 2 accounts. I am in a chill alliance with AW tier 13(or something). My rating is above 700k. I have my account for over 3 years. I am clueless of what could have triggered the ban.

Searching for reasons, i could only come up with 2.

1) When i was doing arena run, i wanted to log in into my second account (for daily calender prize) on my other phone, however i auto logged into my main account, therefore it logged my out on my Iphone. After i logged back into my Iphone, thus logging me out on my other phone. Not really realising what happend, i tried to log back into my other phone (to get into the second account). But of course the same thing happened. i then logged out trough settings and logged into my second account. After that, i logged back in with my iphone to my main account and continued playing. This was several hours before the actual kick and ban.

2) Right before i got banned i recorded 2 videos with my iphone standard recorder.
These were the monthly uncollected quests 3.1 boss fights (one video had some previous fights on it aswell (dormamu, CAIW and MK)) After this i did some arena run with my refreshed 5*'s and thats when i got kicked out.


  • Hey Zjieee, these Forums are not the place to discuss any actions taken on individual accounts, including in-game bans. There is more information HERE regarding account bans.
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