Buffs to Champions!

The newer champions that got released have really overshadowed many of older champions. I would give some suggestions to some champions that should be buffed.

Abomination: His poison has been lacklasture compared to archangel . I suggest buffing the frequency of his poison by attacking or blocking as well as enabling poison to stack up so that when it reach a specific number of stacks a buff of debuff will be applied to abomination or the enemy.

Spider Gwen: Her first ability is not much of a use and her damaage isnt that great . I suggest a revamp to her first ability and moving the evade chance to her passive since shes part of the spider family and all of them can evade as a passive or awaken ability .

Rocket racoon : Though hes still rather good i would just to suggest some small changes to him nonetheless . His ability to dash back and hold block for 1.5 seconds to gain thos buffs is rather not helping . His healthpool and block proficiency is not so good either , i suggest removing that not so useful ability and give him armor up buffs that stacks when blocking ?

Hope this suggestions will be considered and added to the game :)


  • Hey Chrono, if you haven't already, please share your ideas in the Champion Improvement Suggestions thread, located HERE. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this one.
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