Some friendly advice during new EQ

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I know you want those rewards as soon as possible. Me too. I see so much heartbreak and anger each month. So many units spent. Please....If you are struggling just restart. The game is not going anywhere. Use each month’s difficult fights as a personal challenge.

Can you do an initial run without spending any units? Save your free crystals, farm ROL, and practice. Just back out, take a break, and try again.

I got to Darkhawk on first run with a full squad. He ate everybody, but I got some good practice, and chipped away at him. Decided to try a revive, and got him down. Second run I solo’d him. Got kinda wrecked the third run. Solo’d him again on the fourth.

I was fully prepared to just back out and work on it with some different champs. No biggie.

So, relax and save your resources. Practice. Save up more potions. You’ll get the rewards eventually. You’ll save even more the harder you work at it.

If it takes a few hundred units to eventually 100% Uncollected that is ok. The rewards are worth it. Just take your time and take a breath.

Best of luck, everyone. Practice and practice more. Watch videos. Learn. Enjoy the challenge.


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    I made a post similar to this earlier. There's so much time left still in this event, if you fail, no big deal. There's no need to panic. It happens, practice on lower difficulties and check out the many guides and tips there are on YouTube, reddit etc. Wasting resources on a fight you don't know how to beat is your own fault. Take a breather, and don't be afraid to restart and try again after doing some research and being prepared for the fights to come.
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    It should take a bit to figure out. To me, that’s what makes the game fun. However, the game is built to feed on your desire to just smash through with units. You gotta harness your inner monk. 😋
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