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Tiered Daily Specials - will purchasing both Uncollected and Daily Special unlock 2x new bundles?


I'm checking to see if anyone purchased both the Uncollected Daily Special + the regular Daily Special and did it unlock the T4CC bundle twice?

I purchased the Uncollected special (for the price of Peter Parker's wallet) and also the tech T4CC it unlocked (for the price of a Star-Lord's Loot Bag). Decent value for 2x crystals, 1x T4B and 1x guaranteed tech T4CC. I don't need another tech T4CC right now so I haven't tried purchasing the regular special to see if it unlocked another set of tech T4CC but if it does – I might do it for one of the days in this week!



  • Mike12867Mike12867 Posts: 477 ★★★
    interested as well, let me know if u buy it and it unlocks
  • VernVern Posts: 48
    Reposting from the other thread:

    Just saw the in game message - the “superior” bundles both have different contents so I think it’s safe to say the uncollected and the regular one unlock independent superior bundles!

  • Mike12867Mike12867 Posts: 477 ★★★
    it worked! now i am only 3 tech t4cc away from my R5!
  • VernVern Posts: 48
    Mike12867 wrote: »
    it worked! now i am only 3 tech t4cc away from my R5!

    Nice! Okay, I might consider getting the regular one of these days just for the guaranteed T4CC. Thanks @Mike12867
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