5,3 mil friendly alliance looking for active players!

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We are looking for 100k+, Casual yet active, daily team players, good communication, can hold their lane in AW and AQ (map 3-5), line app required.

The goal is to have fun, be a little more laid back (not a heavy grinding alliance), but still grow b/c life happens. We are 1 of 3 alliances, so you can grow to bigger much more active team if desired. We focus mainly on AQ and AW, those two are a must! Typically AW placement is Wednesday's, Friday's, and Sunday's at 9p EST. Number of AQ and AW depends on the team vote; as well as what events and milestone awards we go for. (Right now our focus is AQ for T4cc frags). Since AQ and AW are our main focus we typically don't do all the mile stone events unless the team wants to as a whole. We are very collaborative here and take in account everyone's opinion. We do SA every other week right now but hope do always be on open weeks in he near future. You are allowed 2,000 points on hold weeks but please stay as close to zero as possible. Currently we max out BG1 and 2 for AQ and go for completion; open to which ever group you choose. Currently, 2 map 5's and 3 map 3's. We all Donate 50k gold, 10k bc, & 2-3k loyalty to do at least 2 map5's a week. Right now BGs for AW and AQ are first come first serve. Please use designated battle group chats for the group you join. Lastly, We are an international group with people from USA, Canada, Spain, Australia, Russia, India, Jamaica, London, and the Middle East. With that being said, we try to respect one another and have fun!

For more information message following people in game:

ArcTar, Line app - ArcTar

PizzaMan1111, Line app - Pizzaman1111

SssssswwwwwwWa, Line app - Swwwaaaaa

Jls726, Line app - Jls726


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