How can I see if are people cheating in my alliance?

Hi I’m an officer in a gold 2 alliance, and in the past ten hours we dropped to gold 3 even tho we have been winning, we are all confused and left wondering why?


  • PlagueisBanePlagueisBane Posts: 224
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    there isn't an in game feature or anything to see if your alliance mates are cheating. and frankly asking them probably wont help either. i doubt they'll admit to cheating.

    now assuming your mates aren't cheating. its likely that other alliances in your tier are scoring more overall pts than your alliance.

    just my theory on the subject.
  • SabrefencerSabrefencer Posts: 1,437 ★★★
    We had an alliance member who participated in AQ and AW. In AQ he was mowing down every champ on 10-15 seconds, including minibosses and Kingpin. This was with 4-5k champs. He would take no damage. In AW, he showed up with 5k champs (nothing unusual there). Again, he was plowing through boosted nodes. He took on a 21k Bleed node with his 5k 4* Hyperion. This fight lastes all of 10-13 seconds based on how little damage he took. He then took on an IMIW miniboss and once again, it was a 15-20 second fight with no damage. We continually asked him about how he was doing it so fast without damage (we pretty much knew at this point something was going on). His only responses were "I use all evade/don't block at all" or "It's my secret, why should i tell you guys because then you'll sell it for money". We booted him and he flipped out on us. But in the end, we didn't even want the possibility that someone was cheating and get docked.

    But like the previous poster said, it's possible that other AWs ended and pushed you down. We reached Silver 1 aftee a recent AW but an hour later we were down to Silver 2. Chalk it up to real-time updates.
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