Annual Crystal Broken

The Annual Crystal is broken,there where only 2* champs,I only saw 2 4* and 2 3*.I also gave my second account the crystal and what am I supposed to do with a Ant Man on it,I got 4 3* so he's no good.But still,what should I be expecting,their Kabam after all.


  • Thats just animation. Its not broken
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    Thats just animation. Its not broken

    I know,but still it meant no way I was going to get any 4*.
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    Hey ThatOneMasterGamer, as was mentioned above, the Crystal Spin animation you see in the game is merely a visual effect and doesn't always reflect the Reward you'll receive from opening a Crystal.

    In future, you can avoid any confusion caused by this animation by using the “Open Crystal” feature located on the bottom right of the Screen. This will automatically open up to 10 Crystals that are currently in the Crystal Vault and will not affect the drop rate in any way. The Rewards will be yielded appropriately as if the Crystals had been Spun manually.
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