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When thread bumping gets turned off, is it off forever? And the thread is just buried under everything else endlessly?

One of my discussions seems to have it turned off. It's always a mystery when that happens since the thread doesn't break any rules. I'm not trying to create a flame storm here, just wondering the mechanics and the why of it.

Here's the thread


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    You're right, I commented on the thread in your OP and the thread didn't bump. A response from a forum moderator would back up Kabam's claim of wanting transparency.
  • Hey there, something like that is usually for old threads that have been bumped way after the discussion, or for threads that have repeatedly had to be cleaned up, are trending towards topics that have been repeatedly covered, or could be due to human error. In this case, the thread was fine, but some comments veered completely non-constructive, were intended to incite anger, and had been covered before. Also, we don't discuss moderation or other account info publicly here on the forums, but if you have any questions in the future, you can reach out to a moderator directly.
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