Beware of Logging in From Multiple Devices!

I am hoping this was an automated response from Kabam and they will sort it all out, but want to save some of you any headache.....

I run an S7 Edge as my main driver and recently started using an old iPhone 5C with a broken mic as my gym phone so that I don't get my nicer phone sweaty and gross. I put MCOC onto my gym phone as well in the last couple of weeks, as there was some communication and crystal claiming I needed to do while in the gym.

Today I forgot my S7 Edge at home, and it wasn't a gym day so I didn't have my second phone with me. I manage our company's devices, so I grabbed an unused iPhone 5C at work to use for calls and texts throughout the day, and I downloaded MCOC onto it so that I wouldn't miss out on any free crystals and could still eek out a couple quests during down time. I then went to log into my account from this third phone and received a notice that my account has been permanently banned for a TOS violation.

All three of these devices have been used within a 30 mile radius of each other, and I have not cleared any significant content or done anything with my account (aside from buying the Medusa offer on my gym phone) on the two iPhones. There has also never been anything done with my account, ever, that would in any way be considered a violation of TOS (no sharing, mods, hacks, rewards exploits, etc.).

TLDR: Don't log in from multiple devices if you don't want to spend time sorting out a perma ban!


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    I bounce between 4 different devices both android and ios , never had issues
  • My only hypothesis is the OP had some sort of banned hack / device on his back up phone he either forgot about or wasn't aware of.
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    I test phones as part of my job. I have logged into MCOC on about 100 unique devices and have never had any issues.

    You either cheated, or you got unlucky with that 5C that may have been modified in some way.

    Good luck.
  • May have been something installed on it, but I doubt it. They were both bought through Amazon by certified refurbished suppliers, and sent to me factory reset. I completed the entire set up process on both devices myself, and didn't put anything on them. This was the response I got:

    Our records indicate that this account has been banned for violating our Terms of Service, with regards to account sharing and/or the use of third party applications that alter the mechanics of the game. In order to ensure the security of our game, we will be unable to share exact investigation details that led to the action taken on this account. For further information on our Terms of Service, please see:

    We reserve the right to make judgement calls based on the severity of the Terms of Service violations we take action on, which means that certain offenses may come with different ban periods. These timeframes are not up for debate and may range from a temporary ban to a permanent ban. This decision is made with the overall health of The Contest in mind, and the level of negative impact your Terms of Service violation may have had on other Summoners that play Marvel Contest of Champions.

    This ban will remain in place until the time indicated upon logging into the Marvel: Contest of Champions app. Please note that Support cannot and will not overturn this account suspension. Any such actions are considered final.

    No chance to talk to anyone. No chance to investigate. Nothing.

    PERMA-BAN. Very strange and a very sad situation. I have been playing for 7 months, spent thousands of dollars on the game, countless hours on expanding my roster (just brought my first 5* Champ- Stark Spidey, to rank 4), and am a very active member of my alliance. I know that you all take this with a grain of salt because of the number of cheaters on here who claim to be wronged, but I legitimately did not do anything wrong, whatsoever.

    I really hope this doesn't ever happen to any of you. On the bright side, I guess I will save some money each month.
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    Hope a Mod can contact OP to clarify.
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    They don't ban you without reason. And they don't ban you for using multiple devices. I have been doing it for about a year and a half now, with two different operating systems, too. One iPhone and one Android tablet. My guess is you had something installed on your phone, probably that you were unaware of. It's a terrible situation and I am sorry for your troubles.
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    Yes, I'm sorry that it happened. I don't know the details, but based on what you've shared, there is a possibility that something was on the phone that was detected. I'm curious if it was Unlocked, or perhaps Jailbroken. It may be the software used to Unlock it. Just a thought. However, multiple devices are allowed, and are not a risk. There had to be some other factor involved.

    I'm gonna keel over from a heart attack. I just logged in from my S7 and it logged me right in to my account! 1 of 3 things is happening:

    1. Kabam is trolling me and I'll be banned again when I wake up
    2. Someone at Kabam reversed the decision but didn't want to say anything because they technically don't do that, but my case was reviewed.
    3. It was my old account, that I asked be closed almost a year ago, that the phone was somehow trying to log into. Don't know how that would work though, as I never entered any of that account info in. Then, when support reviewed my ticket, they didn't even bother to look at the in-game ID I listed on the ticket, they just sent out an auto response. (I think this is the most likely of the 3)

    Either way, I'm thrilled!
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    Either way, I'm thrilled!

    Your next 4* opening is going to be great! :)
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    Glad it worked out for you buddy.
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    I have been using two different devices and I suddenly got banned as well. But only a seven day ban. I still have no clue what I did wrong. No one shares my account and I've been having both my phones for a while and never had a problem before. I have a Note 8 and a Note 9. I'm a very casual and light player. Used to be really active but mostly help my alliance or run the monthly quest when I have time. I recently traveled to Louisiana, and I live in Texas. While I was there with family for the holidays I used both devices. I have been wondering if that is what got me banned. Because I used my device in a different state than was usual? Either way I have no clue what I did wrong and have received no explanation. Which really sucks because if I did do something wrong it would be nice to know so that I could avoid doing it again in the future. But as far as I know I have not done any of the things that are listed as violations so the whole situation is very confusing.
  • Hey guys, we've stated many times that accessing your account on multiple devices is not a violation of our Terms of Service will not lead to your account being banned. If you would like to review our Terms of Service, you can find them at the link below.

    With that being said, these Forums are not the place to discuss any actions which may have been taken against individual accounts, including in-game bans. There is more information HERE regarding account bans.
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