Next Month will be 3 years...

yes another post about summoner levels...

Next month will be 3 years since I have been level 60, you say levels are based on energy cost so they stay capped. However is there a way for some of the following to happen:

increase levels to level 65 and if we can't have increase in energy and masteries maybe...( I would prefer the masteries and energy increase as act 6 is coming and the addition of 6* has changed the meta of wars)

increase our stash capacity for Cats

add a decent amount of gold to each level

add tier 2 alpha

add tier 5 basic fragments

add teir 1 alpha (maybe 3 per level)

please note this is just my opinion, I use to look forward to that next level and now honestly i am bored of doing EQ, I don't do any daily events, and I think of all that lost EXP from act five and every monthly EQ and it's depresing

lets for listing to me


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