Gulliotine vs. ROL Wolverine Bug?

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IDK if im a noob but i was going through ROL as my first time completing it and when i get to wolvy i use my 4/40 gullly but after a few sp2's the heal reversal didnt want to place, and then i noticed i had 0 souls but supposeably you gain them by just attacking but all of a sudden i dont get any after 30 plus hits 0 souls please help me @Kabam Miike or anyone since others might go through this and not have an archangel like i did (thanfully i 100% completed it).


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    I got hit so i lost my streak and was at 10 hits
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    Not a bug, Guillotine gains souls as the opponent loses health. If Wolvy heals back up and you are out of souls her normal attacks can’t out damage the regen to gain more souls. This fight either ends after you get off the first 2-3 S2’s or you have to quit.
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  • @OrcDovahkiin
    what device are you using? The graphics look kinda bad.
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    @PCD1980 ths i didnt not know
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    @cUbA_LiBrE Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime lmao im eventually getting a new phone for the harder stuff
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